Design Thinking

We translate observation into insights and insights into products & services that will improve lives

We spot opportunities in customers’ unmet needs, invent breakthrough concepts, & make organizations more innovative & agile.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Our quest is to bring artificial intelligence closer to humans and to leverage technology to bring humans closer to artificial intelligence for improved cognitive abilities, problem solving & automation.

IoT offers huge potential applications for AI and our work has been to intuitively embed AI & machine learning algorithms into our IoT solutions for improving efficiency, security and enhancing productivity & visibility.

Our IoT solutions enable systems to learn from the acquired data and enrich operations to maximize returns. Building such continuous improvement systems is both a science & an art with precision engineering and deep business insights. Our AI scientists, engineers and business analysts possess significant experience in building & integrating such solutions in real time.

As a company, VeCrear brings all this under one roof with valuable deep insights acquired as part of the journey.

Cloud & Mobile Technologies

The brain controlling an IoT system resides in the cloud ! VeCrear brings experts who have delved their hands into various cloud platforms. Our expertise on cloud platforms include AWS, Azure, OpenHab, Ka and 12+ such platforms. Application stacks including UI/UX layers, data tiering, database design, big data implementations, integrations with various data analytics, data visualization and cognitive intelligence tools is the rich experience that technologists bring to the table to build solutions

VeCrear has delivered feature rich and highly intuitive mobile applications both on Android and iOS platforms

Embedded Systems

VeCrear brings rich expertise in sensors, actuators, gateways and device engineering. Our experts have worked on 55+ different sensors and actuators that are used to automate Consumer, Automotive and Industrial use cases. We have built gateways and protocol interfaces and worked closely with gateway vendors to integrate value added software features into commodity IoT gateway modules

Wireless Technologies

VeCrear team has about 20+ years of expertise in building wireless solutions. 3g/4g/5g technologies, Wifi, Blue Tooth, BLE as well as sub Giga RF protocols like Zigbee and ZeeWave are the areas our experts have worked on, both at the protocol and application level

Hardware Design & Manufacturing

We have an ecosystem connect with a variety of hardware & component vendors and manufacturers. VeCrear has also worked closely with manufacturing units and have run leased production lines to manufacture custom products. Our hardware design, RF and antenna experts are well versed in building specialised solutions and tuning hardware for the requirements


Mr. Deepak Vasishtha

CTO & Head – Data Science

Growth and Business Value focused technology leader with 25+ years in building and leading technical organizations with scalable design, architecture, engineering, development, and innovation in software and digital products.

Deepak held management positions at HP, INTEL, DELL & AXA and helped them establish their Business Intelligence & Analytics COE’s in INDIA. Recently, Deepak has helped many start-ups on their journey from ideation to market

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Mr. Rodney Lanthorne – Advisor

Board Member – Avx Corp, SDSU, YMCA
Ex-President – Kyocera Inc, NA
Ex-Vice Chairman – Kyocera Intl

From a US Navy veteran serving in Vietnam war to a CPA, CFO, President and a long stint as the Vice Chairman of Kyocera Corporation, the first American to serve on the board of a publicly traded Japanese corporation, Mr. Rodney Lanthorne has always been an example for discipline in execution, clear vision and governance deeply rooted in core human values that enrich life. A natural leader and a compassionate mentor, he also brings great strength and expertise in Corporate Governance, Organization Development as well as M&A management.

Mr. Lanthorne is a current director of the non-profit Kyoto Prize Symposium Organization and a member of the advisory board of the Japananese Friendship Garden. He also serves on the board of the non-profit YMCA of San Diego County, the prestigious San Diego State University and volunteers in various other community and educational board activities.

Mr. Gil Amelio, PhD – Advisor

Advisor & Board – RF Check & Airwire
Chairman & Board – 5Barz & ESS Technology
Ex-CEO – Apple Computer, National Semiconductor, Rockwell Intl, Sienna Ventures, Jazz Technologies

During the four decades of technology and business leadership, Mr. Gil Amelio has achieved a number of business, scientific and technological successes, including orchestrating the transformation of several Fortune 500 companies. His passion for science & technology, eye for operational efficiency & effectiveness, ability to grapple with complexities on multiple fronts and resolve them with speed and agility are the traits recognized across all his leadership engagements. His love for humanity, respect for co-workers as well as courage & resilience to make bold changes are the ingredients that crafted his legendary successes.

A passionate physicist, air-transport rated jet pilot & author, Mr. Amelio has been recognized by the Nobel Committee for his work in the field of Charge Coupled (CCD) Image sensor. His leadership and visionary outlook has been acknowledged by several Heads of State like President Bush & PM of Malayasia by inviting to chair committees. An IEEE fellow and holding 17 patents, Mr. Amelio has also been the recipient of numerous awards including the Ga. Tech Business Achievement Award, Masaru Ibuka Consumer Electronics Award from Japan and the Albert Einstein Award from Israel.

Mr. Ganesh K J – ED & COO

Ex-VP – Vodafone Global Enterprise
Ex-COO – Digibee Microsystems
Ex-Wireless Biz Head – Bharti Airtel Ltd

Ganesh is a seasoned self-starter & business professional with 30+ years of experience and has led many organizational changes across different domains like Telecom, Leisure & FMCG. He has established management processes, fostered innovation and enabled business acceleration across industries. Renowned for “first in market” channel creations, instituting alliances, business expansion & development, he has consistently delivered exceptional business results on key metrics of top line, market share & business growth.

A livewire in unravelling business complexities, Ganesh has an astute knack for bringing operational efficiencies and laying the foundation for trusted & lasting business relationships. A passionate coach and self-styled mentor, he has impacted & transformed personalities, not just professional behaviours, and enabled individuals as well as large teams to excel. Be it winning large deals & raising investments, or spear heading spectacular revenues from nascent businesses, or pioneering first of its kind schemes, Ganesh has always seized the nuances of the business and created the differentiation that disrupts the market leading to greater success.

Mrs. Veena Samartha – ED & CEO

Ex-CEO – Aseema Technologies
Ex- Sr Manager – Hewlett-Packard, Wipro

Veena is a successful entrepreneur providing strategic direction, financial structuring, operational efficiency and technology leadership in uniquely challenging situations, as the executive head.

With 20+ years of experience, Veena is a dynamic, results-oriented leader with a strong track record of Developing high-performing teams and creating sustainable businesses. She has successfully built, nurtured and expanded passionate technology teams to deliver innovative products & solutions for the global market. The depth and breadth of her technical leadership combined with business acumen has enabled a range of technology enterprises, from services outfits like Wipro, product corporates like BPL & HP and IoT startups like Aseema & VeCrear, to grow top line, trim operating costs and ensure high quality delivery of smart solutions in every situation.

Beginning as an embedded software developer, Veena has built capabilities in the areas of server & storage technologies, networking, egde & cloud IoT platforms as well as AI/ML technologies, over the span of her career.